Publications 1995

Publications 1995

  1. Concerning postmortem blood alcohol determination (letter)
    Rabl,W.; Steinlechner,M.; Katzgraber,F.;

  2. Concerning the article by Charles L. Winek, Jr. et al., entitled: ‘The role of trauma in postmortem blood alcohol determination’ (Forensic Sci. Int., 71 (1995) 1-8) [letter; comment]
    Rabl,W.; Steinlechner,M.; Katzgraber,F.;

  3. Cross sectional evaluation of traumatic subchondral knee joint disorders by MRI and cryosectioning
    Rangger,Ch; Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Rabl,W.;

  4. Das SIDS-Vorsorgeprogramm Tirol - ein einfaches Modell für die SIDS-Prävention in anderen österreichischen Bundesländern ?
    Sperl,W.; Kohlendorfer,U.; Brunner,M.; Haberlandt,E.; Skladal,D.; Mangold,B.; Rabl,W.;

  5. Dental prosthesis–residual alcohol content?
    Katzgraber,F.; Rabl,W.; Stainer,M.; Wehinger,G.;

  6. Die Zahnprothese - ein Alkoholdepot ?
    Katzgraber,F.; Rabl,W.; Stainer,M.; Wehinger,G.;

  7. Erhängen mit Dekapitation. Kasuistik - Biomechanik
    Rabl,W.; Haid,C.; Katzgraber,F.; Walser,B.;

  8. Fatal air embolism resulting from gastroscopy [letter]
    Katzgraber,F.; Glenewinkel,F.; Rittner,C.; Beule,J.;

  9. GEDNAP IV and V. The 4th and 5th Stain Blind Trials using DNA technology
    Wiegand,P.; Ambach,E.; Augustin,C.; Bratzke,H.; Cremer,U.; Edelmann,J.; Eriksen,B.; Germann,U.; Haas,H.; Henke,L.;

  10. Gas gangrene as a manifestation of endogenous Clostridium septicum infection
    Fille,M.; Allerberger,F.; Koller,W.; Hackl,J.; Lingnau,W.; Tilg,H.; Ambach,E.; Kreczy,A.; Gschnitzer,F.; Semenitz,E.;

  11. Hanging with decapitation. Case report–biomechanics
    Rabl,W.; Haid,C.; Katzgraber,F.; Walser,B.;

  12. Iatrogenic ruptures of the stomach after balloon tamponade. Two case reports: viscoelastic model
    Rabl,W.; Ennemoser,O.; Tributsch,W.; Ambach,E.;

  13. Lesions of the alar ligaments. In vivo and in vitro studies with magnetic resonance imaging
    Willauschus,W.G.; Kladny,B.; Beyer,W.F.; Gluckert,K.; Arnold,H.; Scheithauer,R.;

  14. Population study in West Austria using DNA single locus probes
    Zehethofer,K.; Ambach,E.; Scheithauer,R.;

  15. Postmortem injuries inflicted by domestic golden hamster: morphological aspects and evidence by DNA typing
    Ropohl,D.; Scheithauer,R.; Pollak,S.;

  16. RDT- the rotationcryotome
    Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Rangger,Ch; Rabl,W.; Künzel,K.H.;

  17. Rotationcryotomy - a new serial cryosectioning procedure
    Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Rabl,W.; Künzel,K.H.;

  18. Rotationcryotomy for morphologic Investigations in the Cervical Spine
    Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Rangger,Ch; Daniaux,H.; Rabl,W.;

  19. Soft Tissue Injuries in the Cervical Spine - Serial Cryosectioning compared with Conventional Imaging Techniques
    Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Rangger,Ch; Daniaux,H.; Rabl,W.;

  20. State executions by hanging

  21. Subchondral bone density in the human elbow assessed by computed tomography osteoabsorptiometry: a reflection of the loading history of the joint surfaces
    Eckstein,F.; Muller-Gerbl,M.; Steinlechner,M.; Kierse,R.; Putz,R.;

  22. The inadequacy of death certificates claiming myocardial infarction without autopsy verification [letter]
    Ambach,E.; Rabl,W.; Unger,C.; Weiss,G.;

  23. Unerwartete Todesfälle von Patienten bei ärztlicher Tätigkeit
    Katzgraber,F.; Rabl,W.; Ambach,E.;

  24. Unexpected fatalities of patients in medical treatment
    Katzgraber,F.; Rabl,W.; Ambach,E.;

  25. Verfälschung von “Alkomat”-Ergebnissen durch Zahnprothesenhaftmittel
    Rabl,W.; Katzgraber,F.; Stainer,M.; Battista,H.J.;