A European proposal for quality control and quality assurance of tandem mass spectral libraries

Oberacher,H.; Sasse,M.; Antignac,J.P.; Guitton,Y.; Debrauwer,L.; Jamin,E.L.; Schulze,T.; Krauss,M.; Covaci,A.; Caballero-Casero,N.; Rousseau,K.; Damont,A.; Fenaille,F.; Lamoree,M.; Schymanski,E.L.; Background High resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) is being used increasingly in the context of suspect and non-targeted screening for the identification of bioorganic molecules. There is correspondingly increasing awareness that higher confidence identification will require a systematic, group effort to increase the fraction of compounds with tandem mass spectra available in central, publicly available resources. While typical suspect screening efforts will only result in tentative annotations with a moderate level of confidence, library spectral matches will yield higher confidence or even full confirmation of the identity if the reference standards are available. [Read More]

Acute and Chronic Mental Stress Both Influence Levels of Neurotransmitter Precursor Amino Acids and Derived Biogenic Amines

H├╝fner,K.; Galffy,M.; Egeter,J.; Giesinger,J.M.; Arnhard,K.; Oberacher,H.; Gostner,J.M.; Fuchs,D.; Sperner-Unterweger,B.; Acute and chronic mental stress are both linked to somatic and psychiatric morbidity, however, the neurobiological pathways of these associations are still not fully elucidated. Mental stress is known to be immunomodulatory, which is one of the basic concepts of psychoneuroimmunology. In the present study, neurotransmitter precursor amino acid levels and derived biogenic amines were analyzed prior to and at 0, 30 and 60 minutes following an acute mental stress test (with/without chronic mental stress) in 53 healthy subjects. [Read More]

Body fluid identification and assignment to donors using a targeted mRNA massively parallel sequencing approach - results of a second EUROFORGEN / EDNAP collaborative exercise

Ingold,S.; Dorum,G.; Hanson,E.; Ballard,D.; Berti,A.; Gettings,K.B.; Giangasparo,F.; Kampmann,M.L.; Laurent,F.X.; Morling,N.; Parson,W.; Steffen,C.R.; Ulus,A.; vandenBerge,M.; vanderGaag,K.J.; Verdoliva,V.; Xavier,C.; Ballantyne,J.; Haas,C.; In a previous EUROFORGEN/EDNAP collaborative exercise, we tested two assays for targeted mRNA massively parallel sequencing for the identification of body fluids/tissues, optimized for the Illumina MiSeq/FGx and the Ion Torrent PGM/S5 platforms, respectively. The task of the second EUROFORGEN/EDNAP collaborative exercise was to analyze dried body fluid stains with two different multiplexes, the former Illumina 33plex mRNA panel for body fluid/tissue identification and a 35plex cSNP panel for assignment of body fluids/tissues to donors that was introduced in a proof-of-concept study recently. [Read More]

Broadening the Applicability of a Custom Multi-Platform Panel of Microhaplotypes: Bio-Geographical Ancestry Inference and Expanded Reference Data

delaPuente,M.; Ruiz-Ramirez,J.; Ambroa-Conde,A.; Xavier,C.; Amigo,J.; CasaresdeCal,M.A.; Gomez-Tato,A.; Carracedo,A.; Parson,W.; Phillips,C.; Lareu,M.V.; The development of microhaplotype (MH) panels for massively parallel sequencing (MPS) platforms is gaining increasing relevance for forensic analysis. Here, we expand the applicability of a 102 autosomal and 11 X-chromosome panel of MHs, previously validated with both MiSeq and Ion S5 MPS platforms and designed for identification purposes. We have broadened reference population data for identification purposes, including data from 240 HGDP-CEPH individuals of native populations from North Africa, the Middle East, Oceania and America. [Read More]