Publications 1996

Publications 1996

  1. Biomechanical Properties of the Human Tibia - Fracture Behavior and Morphology
    Rabl,W.; Haid,C.; Krismer,M.;

  2. Biomechanical properties of the human tibia: fracture behavior and morphology [see comments]
    Rabl,W.; Haid,C.; Krismer,M.;

  3. Cardiac troponin I in the diagnosis of myocardial injury and infarction
    Mair,J.; Genser,N.; Morandell,D.; Maier,J.; Mair,P.; Lechleitner,P.; Calzolari,C.; Larue,C.; Ambach,E.; Dienstl,F.; Pau,B.; Puschendorf,B.;

  4. Critical aspects of active compression-decompression CPR
    Baubin,M.; Rabl,W.; Schirmer,M.; Gilly,H.;

  5. Fatal posture- and heroin-related intestinal infarction and leg muscle necrosis after snorting heroin. A case report
    Rabl,W.; Markwalder,C.;

  6. HLA-DQ alpha genotype and allele frequencies in an Austrian population
    Ambach,E.; Zehethofer,K.; Scheithauer,R.;

  7. Rotation cryotomy: medical and scientific value of a new serial sectioning procedure
    Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Birbamer,G.; Buchberger,W.; Rabl,W.; Kuenzel,K.;

  8. Serious complications from active compression-decompression cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    Rabl,W.; Baubin,M.; Broinger,G.; Scheithauer,R.;

  9. Surgical Anatomy of the upper Cervical Spine in Regard to C1/C2 transarticular Srew Fixation
    Geiger,R.; Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Rangger,Ch; Daniaux,H.; Rabl,W.;

  10. The Neuro-Foramen in the Cervical Spine - Surgical Anatomy and Pathological Changes
    Bölderl,A.; Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Rangger,Ch; Daniaux,H.; Rabl,W.;

  11. The contribution of anulus fibers to torque resistance
    Krismer,M.; Haid,C.; Rabl,W.;