Publications 1998

Publications 1998

  1. A previously unrecognized site of local accumulation of mononuclear cells. The vascular-associated lymphoid tissue
    Waltner-Romen,M.; Falkensammer,G.; Rabl,W.; Wick,G.;

  2. Anatomical studies concerning technical feasibility of minimally invasive axillocoronary bypass grafting
    Bonatti,J.; Ladurner,R.; Hangler,H.; Katzgraber,F.;

  3. Interaction of triiodothyronine with 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on interleukin-6-dependent osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse bone marrow cell cultures
    Schiller,C.; Gruber,R.; Ho,G.M.; Redlich,K.; Gober,H.J.; Katzgraber,F.; Willheim,M.; Hoffmann,O.; Pietschmann,P.; Peterlik,M.;

  4. Laboratory strategy of the Austrian DNA intelligence database
    Parson,W.; Steinlechner,M.; Berger,B.; Köchl,S.; Scheithauer,R.;

  5. Mechanism of fatal air embolism after gastrointestinal endoscopy
    Katzgraber,F.; Glenewinkel,F.; Fischler,S.; Rittner,C.;

  6. Metal pins fired from unmodified blank cartridge guns and very small calibre weapons–technical and wound ballistic aspects
    Rabl,W.; Riepert,T.; Steinlechner,M.;

  7. Mitochondrial-Dna In Forensic Casework - Sequencing Of The Cytochrome-B Gene For Species Identification
    Parson,W.; Niederstätter,H.; Pegoraro,K.; Scheithauer,R.;

  8. Molecular characterization of the human protein kinase C theta gene locus (PRKCQ)
    Kofler,K.; Köchl,S.; Parson,W.; Erdel,M.; Utermann,G.; Baier,G.;

  9. National DNA intelligence databases in Europe: report on the current situation
    Parson,W.; Steinlechner,M.; Scheithauer,R.; Schneider,P.M.;

  10. PCR analysis from cigaret butts, postage stamps, envelope sealing flaps, and other saliva-stained material
    Hochmeister,M.N.; Rudin,O.; Ambach,E.;

  11. Population data for 101 Austrian Caucasian mitochondrial DNA d-loop sequences: application of mtDNA sequence analysis to a forensic case
    Parson,W.; Parsons,T.J.; Scheithauer,R.; Holland,M.M.;

  12. Recurrent liver failure with severe rhabdomyolysis after liver transplantation for carbon tetrachloride intoxication
    Nehoda,H.; Wieser,C.; Koller,J.; Konigsrainer,A.; Battista,H.J.; Vogel,W.; Margreiter,R.;

  13. Report of the European DNA Profiling Group (EDNAP)–an investigation of the hypervariable STR loci ACTBP2, APOAI1 and D11S554 and the compound loci D12S391 and D1S1656
    Gill,P.; D’Aloja,E.; Dupuy,B.; Eriksen,B.; Jangblad,M.; Johnsson,V.; Kloosterman,A.D.; Kratzer,A.; Lareu,M.V.; Mevag,B.; Morling,N.; Phillips,C.; Pfitzinger,H.; Rand,S.; Sabatier,M.; Scheithauer,R.; Schmitter,H.; Schneider,P.; Skitsa,I.; Vide,M.C.;

  14. Reproducibility of mtDNA analysis between laboratories: a report of the European DNA Profiling Group (EDNAP)
    Carracedo,A.; D’Aloja,E.; Dupuy,B.; Jangblad,A.; Karjalainen,M.; Lambert,C.; Parson,W.; Pfeiffer,H.; Pfitzinger,H.; Sabatier,M.; Syndercombe,Court; Vide,C.;

  15. The interosseous membrane and its influence on the distal radioulnar joint. An anatomical investigation of the distal tract
    Gabl,M.; Zimmermann,R.; Angermann,P.; Sekora,P.; Maurer,H.; Steinlechner,M.; Pechlaner,S.;