Publications 1999

Publications 1999

  1. A common binding site on the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein for apolipoprotein B and protein disulfide isomerase
    Bradbury,P.; Mann,C.J.; Kochl,S.; Anderson,T.A.; Chester,S.A.; Hancock,J.M.; Ritchie,P.J.; Amey,J.; Harrison,G.B.; Levitt,D.G.; Banaszak,L.J.; Scott,J.; Shoulders,C.C.;

  2. Ballistic aspects of tandem-loaded cartridges of identical caliber
    Rabl,W.; Katzgraber,F.; Kneubuehl,B.P.;

  3. Chest injuries after active compression-decompression cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ACD-CPR) in cadavers [see comments]
    Baubin,M.; Rabl,W.; Pfeiffer,K.P.; Benzer,A.; Gilly,H.;

  4. Determination of calcaneal ultrasound properties ex situ: reproducibility, effects of storage, formalin fixation, maceration, and changes in anatomic measurement site
    Popperl,G.; Lochmuller,E.; Becker,H.; Mall,G.; Steinlechner,M.; Eckstein,F.;

  5. Effect of cannabis use on cognitive functions and driving ability
    Kurzthaler,I.; Hummer,M.; Miller,C.; Sperner-Unterweger,B.; Gunther,V.; Wechdorn,H.; Battista,H.J.; Fleischhacker,W.W.;

  6. Expression of atrC - encoding a novel member of the ATP binding cassette transporter family in Aspergillus nidulans - is sensitive to cycloheximide
    Angermayr,K.; Parson,W.; Stoffler,G.; Haas,H.;

  7. In situ measurement of articular cartilage deformation in intact femoropatellar joints under static loading
    Herberhold,C.; Faber,S.; Stammberger,T.; Steinlechner,M.; Putz,R.; Englmeier,K.H.; Reiser,M.; Eckstein,F.;

  8. Increased frequency of thorax injuries with ACD-CPR
    Baubin,M.; Sumann,G.; Rabl,W.; Eibl,G.; Wenzel,V.; Mair,P.;

  9. Measurement of vertebral rotation: a comparison of two methods based on CT scans
    Krismer,M.; Chen,A.M.; Steinlechner,M.; Haid,C.; Lener,M.; Wimmer,C.;

  10. Pulmonary Aspergillus colonization in humans and its impact on management of critically ill patients
    Lass-Florl,C.; Salzer,G.M.; Schmid,T.; Rabl,W.; Ulmer,H.; Dierichi,M.P.;

  11. Quantitative determination of joint incongruity and pressure distribution during simulated gait and cartilage thickness in the human hip joint
    von Eisenhart,R.; Adam,C.; Steinlechner,M.; Muller-Gerbl,M.; Eckstein,F.;

  12. Quantitative determination of pressure distribution in the hip joint during the gait cycle
    von Eisenhart-Rothe,R.; Witte,H.; Steinlechner,M.; Muller-Gerbl,M.; Putz,R.; Eckstein,F.;

  13. Results of collaborative study regarding the standardization of the Y-linked STR system DYS385 by the European DNA Profiling (EDNAP) group
    Schneider,P.M.; D’Aloja,E.; Dupuy,B.M.; Eriksen,B.; Jangblad,A.; Kloosterman,A.D.; Kratzer,A.; Lareu,M.V.; Pfitzinger,H.; Rand,S.; Scheithauer,R.; Schmitter,H.; Skitsa,I.; Syndercombe-Court,; Vide,M.C.;

  14. The structure of vitellogenin provides a molecular model for the assembly and secretion of atherogenic lipoproteins
    Mann,C.J.; Anderson,T.A.; Read,J.; Chester,S.A.; Harrison,G.B.; Kochl,S.; Ritchie,P.J.; Bradbury,P.; Hussain,F.S.; Amey,J.; Vanloo,B.; Rosseneu,M.; Infante,R.; Hancock,J.M.; Levitt,D.G.; Banaszak,L.J.; Scott,J.; Shoulders,C.C.;

  15. Urinary incontinence in the elderly and age-dependent apoptosis of rhabdosphincter cells [letter]
    Strasser,H.; Tiefenthaler,M.; Steinlechner,M.; Bartsch,G.; Konwalinka,G.;