Publications 2000

Publications 2000

  1. A new method for the evaluation of matches in non-recombining genomes: application to Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (STR) haplotypes in European males
    Roewer,L.; Kayser,M.; De Knijff,P.; Anslinger,K.; Betz,A.; Caglia,A.; Corach,D.; Furedi,S.; Henke,L.; Hidding,M.; Kargel,H.J.; Lessig,R.; Nagy,M.; Pascali,V.L.; Parson,W.; Rolf,B.; Schmitt,C.; Szibor,R.; Teifel-Greding,J.; Krawczak,M.;

  2. A simple but reliable strategy for high through-put processing of reference samples for DNA intelligence databases
    Parson,W.; Steinlechner,M.; Berger,B.; Mühlmann,R.; Scheithauer,R.;

  3. Age dependent apoptosis and loss of rhabdosphincter cells [In Process Citation]
    Strasser,H.; Tiefenthaler,M.; Steinlechner,M.; Eder,I.; Bartsch,G.; Konwalinka,G.;

  4. Fische aus sensiblen Ökosystemen als Bioindikatoren von globalen Klimaveränderungen - High Arctic 1999
    Köck,G.; Doblander,C.; Niederstätter,H.; Berger,B.; Bright,D.;

  5. Fische aus sensiblen Ökosystemen als Bioindikatoren von globalen Klimaveränderungen - High Arctic 2000
    Köck,G.; Doblander,C.; Niederstätter,H.; Berger,B.; Bright,D.;

  6. Is it possible to differentiate mtDNA by means of HVIII in samples that cannot be distinguished by sequencing the HVI and HVII regions?
    Lutz,S.; Wittig,H.; Weisser,H.; Heizmann,J.; Junge,A.; mo-Simonin,N.; Parson,W.; Edelmann,J.; Anslinger,K.; Jung,S.; Augustin,C.;

  7. Isolation and characterization of a self-sufficient one-domain protein. (Cd)-metallothionein from Eisenia foetida
    Gruber,C.; Sturzenbaum,S.; Gehrig,P.; Sack,R.; Hunziker,P.; Berger,B.; Dallinger,R.;

  8. Mapping of a minimal apolipoprotein(a) interaction motif conserved in fibrin(ogen) beta - and gamma -chains
    Klose,R.; Fresser,F.; Köchl,S.; Parson,W.; Kapetanopoulos,A.; Fruchart-Najib,J.; Baier,G.; Utermann,G.;

  9. Metallothioneins in terrestrial invertebrates: structural aspects, biological significance and implications for their use as biomarkers [In Process Citation]
    Dallinger,R.; Berger,B.; Gruber,C.; Hunziker,P.; Sturzenbaum,S.;

  10. Methodische Trends der forensischen DNA-Analytik

  11. Mitochondrial DNA in the central european population. Human identification with the help of the forensic mt-DNA D-loop-base database
    Wittig,H.; Augustin,C.; Baasner,A.; Bulnheim,U.; mo-Simonin,N.; Edelmann,J.; Hering,S.; Jung,S.; Lutz,S.; Michael,M.; Parson,W.; Poetsch,M.; Schneider,P.M.; Weichhold,G.; Krause,D.;

  12. Multiple organ failure following inhalation of butane gas: a case report
    Rieder-Scharinger,J.; Peer,R.; Rabl,W.; Hasibeder,W.; Schobersberger,W.;

  13. Preparation and evaluation of packed capillary columns for the separation of nucleic acids by ion-pair reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography
    Oberacher,H.; Krajete,A.; Parson,W.; Huber,C.G.;

  14. SIDS prevention program in Tyrol
    Sperl,W.; Kiechl-Kohlendorfer,U.; Pupp,U.; Haberlandt,E.; Skladal,D.; Brunner,M.; Mangold,B.; Kiechl,S.; Rabl,W.; Oberaigner,W.;

  15. Selective and sensitive assay for the determination of benzodiazepines by high-performance liquid chromatography with simultaneous ultraviolet and reductive electrochemical detection at the hanging mercury drop electrode
    Wilhelm,M.; Battista,H.J.; Obendorf,D.;

  16. Species identification by means of the cytochrome b gene
    Parson,W.; Pegoraro,K.; Niederstätter,H.; Föger,M.; Steinlechner,M.;

  17. Superfecundation and dual paternity in a twin pregnancy ending with placental abruption
    Ambach,E.; Parson,W.; Brezinka,C.;

  18. Unimpaired dendritic cells can be derived from monocytes in old age and can mobilize residual function in senescent T cells
    Lung,T.L.; Saurwein-Teissl,M.; Parson,W.; Schonitzer,D.; Grubeck-Loebenstein,B.;

  19. xylP promoter-based expression system and its use for antisense downregulation of the Penicillium chrysogenum nitrogen regulator NRE
    Zadra,I.; Abt,B.; Parson,W.; Haas,H.;