Publications 2001

Publications 2001

  1. Analysis of polymerase chain reaction products by on-line liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for genotyping of polymorphic short tandem repeat loci
    Oberacher,H.; Parson,W.; Mühlmann,R.; Huber,C.G.;

  2. Application of the 3700 DNA Sequencer for forensic fragment analysis

  3. Automation and high through-put for a DNA database laboratory: development of a laboratory information management system
    Steinlechner,M.; Parson,W.;

  4. Considerations by the European DNA profiling (EDNAP) group on the working practices, nomenclature and interpretation of mitochondrial DNA profiles
    Tully,G.; Bär,W.; Brinkmann,B.; Carracedo,A.; Gill,P.; Morling,N.; Parson,W.; Schneider,P.;

  5. Construction of the Austrian DNA Intelligence Database using STR Profiling
    Parson,W.; Steinlechner,M.; Berger,B.; Mühlmann,R.; Scheithauer,R.;

  6. Efficient DNA database laboratory strategy for high through-put STR typing of reference samples
    Parson,W.; Steinlechner,M.;

  7. Extremely high origin of the right coronary artery from the ascending aorta
    Piegger,J.; Kovacs,P.; Ambach,E.;

  8. First evidence of mtDNA sequence differences between Waldrapp Ibises Geronticus eremita of moroccan and turkish origin
    Pegoraro,K.; Föger,M.; Parson,W.;

  9. HPLC with simultaneous UV and reductive electrochemical detection at the hanging mercury drop electrode: a highly sensitive and selective tool for the determination of benzodiazepines in forensic samples
    Wilhelm,M.; Battista,H.J.; Obendorf,D.;

  10. Ion chromatography on chelating stationary phases: separation of alkali metals
    Haidekker,A.; Huber,C.G.;

  11. Mitochondrial DNA evidence for close relationship of Waldrapp Ibis (Geronticus eremita) and Bald Ibis (G. calvus)
    Pegoraro,K.; Föger,M.; Parson,W.;

  12. Multiplex PCR amplification of eight STR loci in Austrian and Croatian Caucasian populations
    Ross,J.; Parson,W.; Furac,I.; Kubat,M.; Holland,M.;

  13. Mycobacterium-Tuberculosis Isolates Of Beijing Genotype In Thailand
    Prodinger,W.M.; Bunyaratvej,P.; Prachaktam,R.; Pavlic,M.;

  14. Network of vascular-associated dendritic cells in intima of healthy young individuals
    Millonig,G.; Niederegger,H.; Rabl,W.; Hochleitner,B.W.; Hoefer,D.; Romani,N.; Wick,G.;

  15. On-Line Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry: A Useful Tool for the Detection of DNA Sequence Variation
    Oberacher,H.; Oefner,P.J.; Parson,W.; Huber,C.G.;

  16. Online reference database of European Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (STR) haplotypes
    Roewer,L.; Krawczak,M.; Willuweit,S.; Nagy,M.; Alves,C.; Amorim,A.; Anslinger,K.; Augustin,C.; Betz,A.; Bosch,E.; Caglia,A.; Carracedo,A.; Corach,D.; Dekairelle,A.; Dobosz,T.; Dupuy,B.M.; Furedi,S.; Gehrig,C.; Gusmao,L.; Henke,J.; Henke,L.; Hidding,M.; Hohoff,C.; Hoste,B.; Jobling,M.A.; Kargel,H.J.; De Knijff,P.; Lessig,R.; Liebeherr,E.; Lorente,M.; Martinez-Jarreta,B.; Nievas,P.; Nowak,M.; Parson,W.; Pascali,V.L.; Penacino,G.; Ploski,R.; Rolf,B.; Sala,A.; Schmidt,U.; Schmitt,C.; Schneider,P.M.; Szibor,R.; Teifel-Greding,J.; Kayser,M.;

  17. Population genetics of ten STR loci (AmpFlSTR SGM plus) in Austria
    Steinlechner,M.; Berger,B.; Scheithauer,R.; Parson,W.;

  18. Results of a collaborative study of the EDNAP group regarding the reproducibility and robustness of the Y-chromosome STRs DYS19, DYS389 I and II, DYS390 and DYS393 in a PCR pentaplex format
    Carracedo,A.; Beckmann,A.; Bengs,A.; Brinkmann,B.; Caglia,A.; Capelli,C.; Gill,P.; Gusmao,L.; Hagelberg,C.; Hohoff,C.; Hoste,B.; Kihlgren,A.; Kloosterman,A.; Myhre,Dupuy B.; Morling,N.; O’Donnell,G.; Parson,W.; Phillips,C.; Pouwels,M.; Scheithauer,R.; Schmitter,H.; Schneider,P.M.; Schumm,J.; Skitsa,I.; Stradmann-Bellinghausen,B.; Stuart,M.; Syndercombe Court; Vide,C.;

  19. Spectroscopic characterization of metallothionein from the terrestrial snail, Helix pomatia
    Dallinger,R.; Wang,Y.; Berger,B.; Mackay,E.A.; Kagi,J.H.;

  20. Spontaneous remission in a secondary acute myelogenous leukaemia following invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
    Tzankov,A.; Ludescher,C.; Duba,H.C.; Steinlechner,M.; Knapp,R.; Schmid,T.; Grunewald,K.; Gastl,G.; Stauder,R.;

  21. When autosomal short tandem repeats fail: Optimized primer and reaction design for Y-chromosome short tandem repeat analysis in forensic casework
    Parson,W.; Niederstätter,H.; Kochl,S.; Steinlechner,M.; Berger,B.;