Publications 2006

Publications 2006

  1. A new “miniSTR-multiplex” displaying reduced amplicon lengths for the analysis of degraded DNA
    Grubwieser,P.; Mühlmann,R.; Berger,B.; Niederstätter,H.; Pavlic,M.; Parson,W.;

  2. A proposal for standardization in forensic canine DNA typing: allele nomenclature of six canine-specific STR loci
    Hellmann,A.P.; Rohleder,U.; Eichmann,C.; Pfeiffer,I.; Parson,W.; Schleenbecker,U.;

  3. A study concerning the blood/breath alcohol conversion factor Q: concentration dependency and its applicability in daily routine
    Pavlic,M.; Grubwieser,P.; Brandstätter,A.; Libiseller,K.; Rabl,W.;

  4. AAK und â60
    Pavlic,M.; Grubwieser,P.; Libiseller,K.; Rabl,W.;

  5. Accurate determination of allelic frequencies in mitochondrial DNA mixtures by electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
    Oberacher,H.; Niederstätter,H.; Huber,C.G.; Parson,W.;

  6. Analysis of artificially degraded DNA using STRs and SNPs - results of a collaborative European (EDNAP) exercise
    Dixon,L.A.; Dobbins,A.E.; Pulker,H.K.; Butler,J.M.; Vallone,P.M.; Coble,M.D.; Parson,W.; Berger,B.; Grubwieser,P.; Mogensen,H.S.; Morling,N.; Nielsen,K.; Sanchez,J.J.; Petkovski,E.; Carracedo,A.; Sanchez-Diz,P.; Ramos-Luis,E.; Brion,M.; Irwin,J.A.; Just,R.S.; Loreille,O.; Parsons,T.J.; Syndercombe-Court; Schmitter,H.; Stradmann-Bellinghausen,B.; Bender,K.; Gill,P.;

  7. Anonyme Geburt und Kindestötung in Tirol
    Danner,C.; Pacher,M.; Ambach,E.; Brezinka,C.;

  8. Application of a quasi-median network analysis for the visualization of character conflicts to a population sample of mitochondrial DNA control region sequences from southern Germany (Ulm)
    Brandstätter,A.; Klein,R.; Duftner,N.; Wiegand,P.; Parson,W.;

  9. Atypisches Risiko bei der Landschaftspflege - Explosion eines Sprengkörpers
    Grubwieser,P.; Pavlic,M.; Rabl,W.;

  10. Auf leisen Sohlen

  11. Austrian Caucasian population data of 15 STR loci complementing forensic core markers: A highly discriminating set for paternity and kinship analysis
    Grubwieser,P.; Zimmermann,B.; Niederstätter,H.; Pavlic,M.; Steinlechner,M.; Parson,W.;

  12. Characterization of mtDNA SNP typing and mixture ratio assessment with simultaneous real-time PCR quantification of both allelic states
    Niederstätter,H.; Coble,M.D.; Grubwieser,P.; Parsons,T.J.; Parson,W.;

  13. Characterization of mtDNA SNP typing using quantitative real-time PCR for forensic purposes with spezial emphasis on heteroplasmy detection and mixture ratio assessment
    Niederstätter,H.; Coble,M.D.; Parsons,T.J.; Parson,W.;

  14. Colour-assortative mating among populations of Tropheus moorii, a cichlid fish from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa
    Salzburger,W.; Niederstätter,H.; Brandstätter,A.; Berger,B.; Parson,W.; Snoeks,J.; Sturmbauer,C.;

  15. Combined use of ESI-QqTOF-MS and ESI-QqTOF-MS/MS with mass-spectral library search for qualitative analysis of drugs
    Pavlic,M.; Libiseller,K.; Oberacher,H.;

  16. Comparison of six DNA quantification methods
    Nielsen,K.; Mogensen,H.S.; Eriksen,B.; Hedman,J.; Parson,W.; Morling,N.;

  17. Direct molecular haplotyping of multiple polymorphisms within exon 4 of the human catechol-O-methyltransferase gene by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
    Oberacher,H.; Pitterl,F.; Niederstätter,H.; Weiss,E.M.; Stadelmann,E.; Marksteiner,J.; Parson,W.;

  18. Dissection of mitochondrial haplogroup H using coding region SNPs
    Brandstatter,A.; Salas,A.; Gassner,C.; Carracedo,A.; Parson,W.;

  19. Dissection of mitochondrial superhaplogroup H using coding region SNPs
    Brandstätter,A.; Salas,A.; Niederstätter,H.; Gassner,C.; Carracedo,A.; Parson,W.;

  20. Erstellung einer ESI-QqTOF-MS/MS Spektrenbibliothek zum schnellen Nachweis forensisch relevanter Wirkstoffe
    Libiseller,K.; Pavlic,M.; Oberacher,H.;

  21. Forensic mtDNA analysis: pitfalls and solutions
    Parson,W.; Brandstätter,A.;

  22. Genetics of the Lp(a)/apo(a) system in an autochthonous Black African population from the Gabon
    Schmidt,K.; Kraft,H.G.; Parson,W.; Utermann,G.;

  23. Glucocorticoid resistance in two key models of acute lymphoblastic leukemia occurs at the level of the glucocorticoid receptor
    Schmidt,S.; Irving,J.A.; Minto,L.; Matheson,E.; Nicholson,L.; Ploner,A.; Parson,W.; Kofler,A.; Amort,M.; Erdel,M.; Hall,A.; Kofler,R.;

  24. Glycosylation patterns of human chorionic gonadotropin revealed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and bioinformatics
    Toll,H.; Berger,P.; Hofmann,A.; Hildebrandt,A.; Oberacher,H.; Lenhof,H.P.; Huber,C.G.;

  25. Highly efficient semi-quantitative genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms in mitochondrial DNA mixtures by liquid chromatography electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
    Niederstätter,H.; Oberacher,H.; Parson,W.;

  26. Lab-specific mutation processes
    Bandelt,H.J.; Kivisild,T.; Parik,J.; Villems,R.; Bravi,C.M.; Yao,Y.G.; Brandstätter,A.; Parson,W.;

  27. Maintenance Treatment of Opioid Dependence and Patterns of Non-prescribed Drug Use: Results of a 4-Year Trial
    Giacomuzzi,S.M.; Ertl,M.; Pavlic,M.; Libiseller,K.; Riemer,Y.; Kemmler,G.; Rössler,H.; Grubwieser,P.; Rabl,W.; Hinterhuber,H.;

  28. Migration of two different cementless hip arthroplasty stems in combination with two different heads: a biomechanical in vitro study
    Klestil,T.; Morlock,M.M.; Schwieger,K.; Sellenschloh,K.; Curda,B.; Biedermann,R.; Hennerbichler,A.; Schmoelz,W.; Rabl,W.; Blauth,M.;

  29. Naive T cells in the elderly: are they still there?
    Pfister,G.; Weiskopf,D.; Lazuardi,L.; Kovaiou,R.D.; Cioca,D.P.; Keller,M.; Lorbeg,B.; Parson,W.; Grubeck-Loebenstein,B.;

  30. Neue forensische Aspekte des Tetrazepam-Stoffwechsels
    Pavlic,M.; Libiseller,K.; Grubwieser,P.; Rabl,W.;

  31. Numts revisited
    Bravi,C.M.; Parson,W.; Bandelt,H.J.;

  32. Profiling 627 mitochondrial nucleotides via the analysis of a 23-plex polymerase chain reaction by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
    Oberacher,H.; Niederstätter,H.; Pitterl,F.; Parson,W.;

  33. Relevant aspects for forensic STR analysis of canine DNA: Repeat based nomenclature, allelic ladders and PCR multiplexes
    Eichmann,C.; Berger,B.; Parson,W.;

  34. Schulterschluss forensische Molekularbiologie - Medizinische Genetik: Erfolgreiche Umsetzung von bewährter forensischer DNS-Technologie in verwandtem Umfeld

  35. Some guidelines for the analysis of genomic DNA by PCR-LC-ESI-MS
    Oberacher,H.; Niederstätter,H.; Casetta,B.; Parson,W.;

  36. TSUNAMI-Disaster: DNA-Typing of Sri Lanka victim samples and related AM matching procedures
    Steinlechner,M.; Parson,W.; Rabl,W.; Grubwieser,P.; Scheithauer,R.;

  37. Two apparent mother/child mismatches due to mispriming at the D3S1358 and the SE33 locus
    Dauber,E.M.; Parson,W.; Glock,B.; Mayr,W.R.;