Publications 2008

Publications 2008

  1. ‘Mitominis’: multiplex PCR analysis of reduced size amplicons for compound sequence analysis of the entire mtDNA control region in highly degraded samples
    Eichmann,C.; Parson,W.;

  2. A DYS438 null allele observed in two generations of a large family
    Glock,B.; Dauber,E.M.; Parson,W.; Schwartz-Jungl,E.M.; Mayr,W.R.;

  3. Age-related appearance of a CMV-specific high-avidity CD8+ T cell clonotype which does not occur in young adults
    Schwanninger,A.; Weinberger,B.; Weiskopf,D.; Herndler-Brandstetter,D.; Reitinger,S.; Gassner,C.; Schennach,H.; Parson,W.; Wurzner,R.; Grubeck-Loebenstein,B.;

  4. Analysis of forensically used autosomal short tandem repeat markers in Polish and neighboring populations
    Soltyszewski,I.; Plocienniczak,A.; Fabricius,H.A.; Kornienko,I.; Vodolazhsky,D.; Parson,W.; Hradil,R.; Schmitter,H.; Ivanov,P.; Kuzniar,P.; Malyarchuk,B.A.; Grzybowski,T.; Wozniak,M.; Henke,J.; Henke,L.; Olkhovets,S.; Voitenko,V.; Lagus,V.; Ficek,A.; Minarik,G.; de,Knijff P.; Rebala,K.; Wysocka,J.; Kapinska,E.; Cybulska,L.; Mikulich,A.I.; Tsybovsky,I.S.; Szczerkowska,Z.; Krajewski,P.; Ploski,R.;

  5. Application of breath gas analysis in addiction medicine - preliminary results
    Giacomuzzi,S.; Riemer,Y.; Pavlic,M.; Schmid,A.; Ebmer,S.; Hinterhuber,H.; Amann,A.;

  6. Avalanche accidents
    Rabl,W.; Pavlic,M.; Sumann,G.;

  7. Comparison of five DNA quantification methods
    Nielsen,K.; Mogensen,H.S.; Hedman,J.; Niederstätter,H.; Parson,W.; Morling,N.;

  8. Consistent treatment of length variants in the human mtDNA control region: a reappraisal
    Bandelt,H.J.; Parson,W.;

  9. Correlation between genetic and geographic structure in Europe
    Lao,O.; Lu,T.T.; Nothnagel,M.; Junge,O.; Freitag-Wolf,S.; Caliebe,A.; Balascakova,M.; Bertranpetit,J.; Bindoff,L.A.; Comas,D.; Holmlund,G.; Kouvatsi,A.; Macek,M.; Mollet,I.; Parson,W.; Palo,J.; Ploski,R.; Sajantila,A.; Tagliabracci,A.; Gether,U.; Werge,T.; Rivadeneira,F.; Hofman,A.; Uitterlinden,A.G.; Gieger,C.; Wichmann,H.E.; Ruther,A.; Schreiber,S.; Becker,C.; Nurnberg,P.; Nelson,M.R.; Krawczak,M.; Kayser,M.;

  10. Forensic canine STR-analysis
    Berger,B.; Eichmann,C.; Parson,W.;

  11. Forensic typing of autosomal SNPs with a 29 SNP-multiplex–results of a collaborative EDNAP exercise
    Sanchez,J.J.; Borsting,C.; Balogh,K.; Berger,B.; Bogus,M.; Butler,J.M.; Carracedo,A.; Court DS; Dixon,L.A.; Filipovic,B.; Fondevila,M.; Gill,P.; Harrison,C.D.; Hohoff,C.; Huel,R.; Ludes,B.; Parson,W.; Parsons,T.J.; Petkovski,E.; Phillips,C.; Schmitter,H.; Schneider,P.M.; Vallone,P.M.; Morling,N.;

  12. History of Forensic Medicine in Austria

  13. Identification of West Eurasian mitochondrial haplogroups by mtDNA SNP screening: results of the 2006-2007 EDNAP collaborative exercise
    Parson,W.; Fendt,L.; Ballard,D.; Borsting,C.; Brinkmann,B.; Carracedo,A.; Carvalho,M.; Coble,M.D.; Real,F.C.; Desmyter,S.; Dupuy,B.M.; Harrison,C.; Hohoff,C.; Just,R.; Kramer,T.; Morling,N.; Salas,A.; Schmitter,H.; Schneider,P.M.; Sonntag,M.L.; Vallone,P.M.; Brandstätter,A.;

  14. Increased forensic efficiency of DNA fingerprints through simultaneous resolution of length and nucleotide variability by high-performance mass spectrometry
    Oberacher,H.; Pitterl,F.; Huber,G.; Niederstätter,H.; Steinlechner,M.; Parson,W.;

  15. Italian mitochondrial DNA database: results of a collaborative exercise and proficiency testing
    Turchi,C.; Buscemi,L.; Previderè,C.; Grigniani,P.; Brandstätter,A.; Achilli,A.; Parson,W.; Tagliabracci,A.; Ge.F.I.Group;

  16. Mitochondrial DNA control region variation in Ashkenazi Jews from Hungary
    Brandstätter,A.; Egyed,B.; Zimmermann,B.; Tordai,A.; Padar,Z.; Parson,W.;

  17. Mitochondrial DNA control region variation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Alshamali,F.; Brandstätter,A.; Zimmermann,B.; Parson,W.;

  18. Mitochondrial control region sequences from northern Greece and Greek Cypriots
    Irwin,J.; Saunier,J.; Strouss,K.; Paintner,C.; Diegoli,T.; Sturk,K.; Kovatsi,L.; Brandstätter,A.; Cariolou,M.A.; Parson,W.; Parsons,T.J.;

  19. Molecular phylogeny and population structure of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella) in Central Europe: I. Ancient clade splitting revealed by mitochondrial haplotype markers
    Meraner,A.; Brandstätter,A.; Thaler,R.; Aray,B.; Unterlechner,M.; Niederstätter,H.; Parson,W.; Zelger,R.; Dalla,Via J.; Dallinger,R.;

  20. Molecular phylogeny and population structure of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella) in Central Europe: II. AFLP analysis reflects human-aided local adaptation of a global pest species
    Thaler,R.; Brandstätter,A.; Meraner,A.; Chabicovski,M.; Parson,W.; Zelger,R.; Dalla,Via J.; Dallinger,R.;

  21. Non-regulatory CD8+CD45RO+CD25+ T-lymphocytes may compensate for the loss of antigen-inexperienced CD8+CD45RA+ T-cells in old age
    Herndler-Brandstetter,D.; Veel,E.; Laschober,G.T.; Pfister,G.; Brunner,S.; Walcher,S.; Parson,W.; Lepperdinger,G.; Grubeck-Loebenstein,B.;

  22. On the use of different mass spectrometric techniques for characterization of sequence variability in genomic DNA

  23. Patterns in genetic diversity of Trifolium pallescens populations do not reflect chronosequence on alpine glacier forelands
    Raffl,C.; Holderegger,R.; Parson,W.; Erschbaumer,B.;

  24. Populationsgenetische mitochondriale DNA-Daten
    Bandelt,H.J.; Parson,W.;

  25. Recently introduced Y-SNPs improve the resolution within Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b in a central European population sample (Tyrol, Austria)
    Niederstätter,H.; Berger,B.; Erhart,D.; Parson,W.;

  26. Single lymphocytes from two healthy individuals with mitochondrial point heteroplasmy are mainly homoplasmic
    Lutz-Bonengel,S.; Sänger,T.; Parson,W.; Müller,H.; Ellwart,J.W.; Follo,M.; Bonengel,B.; Niederstätter,H.; Heinrich,M.; Schmidt,U.;

  27. T-cells from advanced atherosclerotic lesions recognize hHSP60 and have a restricted T-cell receptor repertoire
    Rossmann,A.; Henderson,B.; Heidecker,B.; Seiler,R.; Fraedrich,G.; Singh,M.; Parson,W.; Keller,M.; Grubeck-Loebenstein,B.; Wick,G.;

  28. The next generation of DNA profiling–STR typing by multiplexed PCR–ion-pair RP LC-ESI time-of-flight MS
    Pitterl,F.; Niederstätter,H.; Huber,G.; Zimmermann,B.; Oberacher,H.; Parson,W.;

  29. Timing and deciphering mitochondrial DNA macro-haplogroup R0 variability in Central Europe and Middle East
    Brandstätter,A.; Zimmermann,B.; Wagner,J.; Göbel,T.; Röck,A.; Salas,A.; Carracedo,A.; Parson,W.;

  30. Unraveling the metabolic transformation of tetrazepam to diazepam with mass spectrometric methods
    Schubert,B.; Pavlic,M.; Libiseller,K.; Oberacher,H.;

  31. Y-STR analysis on DNA mixture samples–results of a collaborative project of the ENFSI DNA Working Group
    Parson,W.; Niederstätter,H.; Lindinger,A.; Gill,P.;