Publications 2016

Publications 2016

  1. 4-Aminoquinaldine monohydrate polymorphism: prediction and impurity aided discovery of a difficult to access stable form
    Braun,D.E.; Oberacher,H.; Arnhard,K.; Orlova,M.; Griesser,U.J.;

  2. Ancient mtDNA sequences from the First Australians revisited
    Heupink,T.H.; Subramanian,S.; Wright,J.L.; Endicott,P.; Westaway,M.C.; Huynen,L.; Parson,W.; Millar,C.D.; Willerslev,E.; Lambert,D.M.;

  3. Angeborene Stoffwechselstörungen in der Differenzialdiagnose von Kindesmisshandlung
    Scholl-Bürgi,S.; Kapelari,K.; Michel,M.; Pavlic,M.; Streif,W.; Karall,D.;

  4. Applying LC with Low Resolution MS/MS and Subsequent Library Search for Reliable Compound Identification in Systematic Toxicological Analysis
    Pitterl,F.; Kob,S.; Pitterle,J.; Steger,J.; Oberacher,H.;

  5. Characterisation of the inflammatory response in Dupuytren’s disease
    Mayerl,C.; DelFrari,B.; Parson,W.; Boeck,G.; Piza-Katzer,H.; Wick,G.; Wolfram,D.;

  6. Critical role of androgen receptor level in prostate cancer cell resistance to new generation antiandrogen enzalutamide
    Hoefer,J.; Akbor,M.; Handle,F.; Ofer,P.; Puhr,M.; Parson,W.; Culig,Z.; Klocker,H.; Heidegger,I.;

  7. Current status of non-targeted liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in forensic toxicology
    Oberacher,H.; Arnhard,K.;

  8. D5S2500 is an ambiguously characterized STR: Identification and description of forensic microsatellites in the genomics age
    Phillips,C.; Parson,W.; Amigo,J.; King,J.L.; Coble,M.D.; Steffen,C.R.; Vallone,P.M.; Gettings,K.B.; Butler,J.M.; Budowle,B.;

  9. DNA Commission of the International Society for Forensic Genetics: Recommendations on the validation of software programs performing biostatistical calculations for forensic genetics applications
    Coble,M.D.; Buckleton,J.; Butler,J.M.; Egeland,T.; Fimmers,R.; Gill,P.; Gusmao,L.; Guttman,B.; Krawczak,M.; Morling,N.; Parson,W.; Pinto,N.; Schneider,P.M.; Sherry,S.T.; Willuweit,S.; Prinz,M.;

  10. Differences in urbanization degree and consequences on the diversity of conventional vs. rapidly mutating Y-STRs in five municipalities from a small region of the Tyrolean Alps in Austria
    Niederstatter,H.; Berger,B.; Kayser,M.; Parson,W.;

  11. Efforts of the human immune system to maintain the peripheral CD8+T cell compartment after childhood thymectomy
    Zlamy,M.; Almanzar,G.; Parson,W.; Schmidt,C.; Leierer,J.; Weinberger,B.; Jeller,V.; Unsinn,K.; Eyrich,M.; Wurzner,R.; Prelog,M.;

  12. Formation of a highly-ordered rigid multichromophoric 3D supramolecular network by combining ionic and coordination-driven self-assembly
    Kaloudi-Chantzea,A.; Martinou,E.; Seintis,K.; Karakostas,N.; Giastas,P.; Pitterl,F.; Oberacher,H.; Fakis,M.; Pistolis,G.;

  13. Hairy matters: MtDNA quantity and sequence variation along and among human head hairs
    Desmyter,S.; Bodner,M.; Huber,G.; Dognaux,S.; Berger,C.; Noel,F.; Parson,W.;

  14. High-quality mtDNA control region sequences from 680 individuals sampled across the Netherlands to establish a national forensic mtDNA reference database
    Chaitanya,L.; vanOven,M.; Brauer,S.; Zimmermann,B.; Huber,G.; Xavier,C.; Parson,W.; deKnijff,P.; Kayser,M.;

  15. Inter-Laboratory Robustness of Next-Generation Bile Acid Study in Mice and Humans: International Ring Trial Involving 12 Laboratories
    Pham,HaiT.; Arnhard,Kathrin; Asad,YasminJ.; Deng,Lu; Felder,ThomasK.; St.John-Williams,Lisa; Kaever,Volkhard; Leadley,Michael; Mitro,Nico; Muccio,Stephane; Prehn,Cornelia; Rauh,Manfred; Rolle-Kampczyk,Ulrike; Thompson,J.Will; Uhl,Olaf; Ulaszewska,Maria; Vogeser,Michael; Wishart,DavidS.; Koal,Therese;

  16. Inter-laboratory evaluation of the EUROFORGEN Global ancestry-informative SNP panel by massively parallel sequencing using the Ion PGM
    Eduardoff,M.; Gross,T.E.; Santos,C.; delaPuente,M.; Ballard,D.; Strobl,C.; Borsting,C.; Morling,N.; Fusco,L.; Hussing,C.; Egyed,B.; Souto,L.; Uacyisrael,J.; SyndercombeCourt,D.; Carracedo,A.; Lareu,M.V.; Schneider,P.M.; Parson,W.; Phillips,C.; E.UROFORGEN-NoEConsortium; Parson,W.; Phillips,C.;

  17. Investigation the role of mitochondria in the preimplantation stages of human embryonic development
    Jawdat,R.S.; Parson,W.; Lane,N.; Sengupta,S.;

  18. Leoligin, the major lignan from Edelweiss, inhibits 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl-CoA reductase and reduces cholesterol levels in ApoE-/- mice
    Scharinger,B.; Messner,B.; Turkcan,A.; Schuster,D.; Vuorinen,A.; Pitterl,F.; Heinz,K.; Arnhard,K.; Laufer,G.; Grimm,M.; Stuppner,H.; Oberacher,H.; Eller,P.; Ritsch,A.; Bernhard,D.;

  19. Mapping human dispersals into the Horn of Africa from Arabian Ice Age refugia using mitogenomes
    Gandini,F.; Achilli,A.; Pala,M.; Bodner,M.; Brandini,S.; Huber,G.; Egyed,B.; Ferretti,L.; Gomez-Carballa,A.; Salas,A.; Scozzari,R.; Cruciani,F.; Coppa,A.; Parson,W.; Semino,O.; Soares,P.; Torroni,A.; Richards,M.B.; Olivieri,A.;

  20. Massively parallel sequencing of forensic STRs: Considerations of the DNA commission of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) on minimal nomenclature requirements
    Parson,W.; Ballard,D.; Budowle,B.; Butler,J.M.; Gettings,K.B.; Gill,P.; Gusmao,L.; Hares,D.R.; Irwin,J.A.; King,J.L.; Knijff,Pd; Morling,N.; Prinz,M.; Schneider,P.M.; Neste,C.V.; Willuweit,S.; Phillips,C.;

  21. Mitochondrial DNA control region haplotype and haplogroup diversity in South Eastern Turkey
    Serin,A.; Canan,H.; Alper,B.; Gulmen,M.K.; Zimmermann,B.; Parson,W.;

  22. Recommendations of the DNA Commission of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) on quality control of autosomal Short Tandem Repeat allele frequency databasing (STRidER)
    Bodner,M.; Bastisch,I.; Butler,J.M.; Fimmers,R.; Gill,P.; Gusmao,L.; Morling,N.; Phillips,C.; Prinz,M.; Schneider,P.M.; Parson,W.;

  23. SOCS3 Modulates the Response to Enzalutamide and Is Regulated by Androgen Receptor Signaling and CpG Methylation in Prostate Cancer Cells
    Handle,F.; Erb,H.H.H.; Luef,B.; Hoefer,J.; Dietrich,D.; Parson,W.; Kristiansen,G.; Santer,F.R.; Culig,Z.;

  24. Searching for blood in Chinese lacquerware: zh? xi? hu? ? ? ?
    Miklin-Kniefacz,Silvia; Pitthard,Václav; Parson,Walther; Berger,Cordula; Stanek,Sabine; Griesser,Martina; Ku?ková,Št?pánkaHrdli?ková;

  25. Successful adaption of a forensic toxicological screening workflow employing nontargeted liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry to water analysis
    Steger,J.; Arnhard,K.; Haslacher,S.; Geiger,K.; Singer,K.; Schlapp,M.; Pitterl,F.; Oberacher,H.;

  26. The mitochondrial DNA makeup of Romanians: A forensic mtDNA control region database and phylogenetic characterization
    Turchi,C.; Stanciu,F.; Paselli,G.; Buscemi,L.; Parson,W.; Tagliabracci,A.;

  27. The mitochondrial landscape of African Americans: An examination of more than 2500 control region haplotypes from 22 U.S. locations
    Scheible,M.; Just,R.; Sturk-Andreaggi,K.; Saunier,J.; Parson,W.; Parsons,T.; Coble,M.; Irwin,J.;

  28. TriXY-Homogeneous genetic sexing of highly degraded forensic samples including hair shafts
    Madel,M.B.; Niederstatter,H.; Parson,W.;