Publications 2018

Publications 2018

  1. “The devil’s in the detail”: Release of an expanded, enhanced and dynamically revised forensic STR Sequence Guide
    Phillips,C.; Gettings,K.B.; King,J.L.; Ballard,D.; Bodner,M.; Borsuk,L.; Parson,W.;

  2. A validated liquid chromatography-high resolution-tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous quantitation of tryptophan, kynurenine, kynurenic acid, and quinolinic acid in human plasma
    Arnhard,K.; Pitterl,F.; Sperner-Unterweger,B.; Fuchs,D.; Koal,T.; Oberacher,H.;

  3. Age Estimation with DNA: From Forensic DNA Fingerprinting to Forensic (Epi)Genomics: A Mini-Review

  4. Annotating Nontargeted LC-HRMS/MS Data with Two Complementary Tandem Mass Spectral Libraries
    Oberacher,H.; Reinstadler,V.; Kreidl,M.; Stravs,M.A.; Hollender,J.; Schymanski,E.L.;

  5. Body fluid identification using a targeted mRNA massively parallel sequencing approach - results of a EUROFORGEN/EDNAP collaborative exercise
    Ingold,S.; Dorum,G.; Hanson,E.; Berti,A.; Branicki,W.; Brito,P.; Elsmore,P.; Gettings,K.B.; Giangasparo,F.; Gross,T.E.; Hansen,S.; Hanssen,E.N.; Kampmann,M.L.; Kayser,M.; Laurent,F.X.; Morling,N.; Mosquera-Miguel,A.; Parson,W.; Phillips,C.; Porto,M.J.; Pospiech,E.; Roeder,A.D.; Schneider,P.M.; SchulzeJohann,K.; Steffen,C.R.; Syndercombe-Court,D.; Trautmann,M.; vandenBerge,M.; vanderGaag,K.J.; Vannier,J.; Verdoliva,V.; Vidaki,A.; Xavier,C.; Ballantyne,J.; Haas,C.;

  6. Current state-of-art of STR sequencing in forensic genetics
    Alonso,A.; Barrio,P.A.; Müller,P.; Köcher,S.; Berger,B.; Martin,P.; Bodner,M.; Willuweit,S.; Parson,W.; Roewer,L.; Budowle,B.;

  7. DNA commission of the International society for forensic genetics: Assessing the value of forensic biological evidence - Guidelines highlighting the importance of propositions: Part I: evaluation of DNA profiling comparisons given (sub-) source propositions
    Gill,P.; Hicks,T.; Butler,J.M.; Connolly,E.; Gusmao,L.; Kokshoorn,B.; Morling,N.; vanOorschot,R.A.H.; Parson,W.; Prinz,M.; Schneider,P.M.; Sijen,T.; Taylor,D.;

  8. Defining mtDNA origins and population stratification in Rio de Janeiro
    Simao,F.; Ferreira,A.P.; deCarvalho,E.F.; Parson,W.; Gusmao,L.;

  9. Differentiation of human iPSCs into functional podocytes
    Rauch,C.; Feifel,E.; Kern,G.; Murphy,C.; Meier,F.; Parson,W.; Beilmann,M.; Jennings,P.; Gstraunthaler,G.; Wilmes,A.;

  10. Dog breed affiliation with a forensically validated canine STR set
    Berger,B.; Berger,C.; Heinrich,J.; Niederstätter,H.; Hecht,W.; Hellmann,A.; Rohleder,U.; Schleenbecker,U.; Morf,N.; Freire-Aradas,A.; McNevin,D.; Phillips,C.; Parson,W.;

  11. Evaluation of the precision ID whole MtDNA genome panel for forensic analyses
    Strobl,C.; Eduardoff,M.; Bus,M.M.; Allen,M.; Parson,W.;

  12. Impact of different hydrophobic ion pairs of octreotide on its oral bioavailability in pigs
    Bonengel,S.; Jelkmann,M.; Abdulkarim,M.; Gumbleton,M.; Reinstadler,V.; Oberacher,H.; Prufert,F.; Bernkop-Schnurch,A.;

  13. Increased DNA typing success for feces and feathers of capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) and black grouse (Tetrao tetrix)
    Vallant,S.; Niederstätter,H.; Berger,B.; Lentner,R.; Parson,W.;

  14. Inter-laboratory validation study of the ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit
    Köcher,S.; Müller,P.; Berger,B.; Bodner,M.; Parson,W.; Roewer,L.; Willuweit,S.; DNASeqExConsortium;

  15. Multi-year inter-laboratory exercises for the analysis of illicit drugs and metabolites in wastewater: Development of a quality control system,
    vanNuijs,A.L.N.; Lai,F.Y.; Been,F.; Andres-Costa,M.J.; Barron,L.; Baz-Lomba,J.A.; Berset,J.; Benaglia,L.; Bijlsma,L.; Burgard,D.; Castiglioni,S.; Christophoridis,C.; Covaci,A.; deVoogt,P.; Emke,E.; Fatta-Kassinos,D.; Fick,J.; Hernandez,F.; Gerber,C.; González-Mariño,I.; Grabic,R.; Gunnar,T.; Kannan,K.; Karolak,S.; Kasprzyk-Hordern,B.; Kokot,Z.; Krizman-Matasic,I.; Li,A.; Li,X.; Löve,A.S.C.; LopezdeAlda,M.; McCall,A.; Meyer,M.R.; Oberacher,H.; O’Brien,J.; Quintana,J.B.; Reid,M.; Schneider,S.; SadlerSimoes,S.; Thomaidis,N.S.; Thomas,K.; Yargeau,V.; Ort,C.;

  16. NAD metabolism fuels human and mouse intestinal inflammation
    Gerner,R.R.; Klepsch,V.; Macheiner,S.; Arnhard,K.; Adolph,T.E.; Grander,C.; Wieser,V.; Pfister,A.; Moser,P.; Hermann-Kleiter,N.; Baier,G.; Oberacher,H.; Tilg,H.; Moschen,A.R.;

  17. Next generation database search algorithm for forensic mitogenome analyses
    Huber,N.; Parson,W.; Dür,A.;

  18. Resolving the matrilineal relationship of seven Late Bronze Age individuals from Stillfried, Austria
    Parson,W.; Eduardoff,M.; Xavier,C.; Bertoglio,B.; Teschler-Nicola,M.;

  19. Succinate Accumulation Is Associated with a Shift of Mitochondrial Respiratory Control and HIF-1alpha Upregulation in PTEN Negative Prostate Cancer Cells
    Weber,A.; Klocker,H.; Oberacher,H.; Gnaiger,E.; Neuwirt,H.; Sampson,N.; Eder,I.E.;

  20. Systematic evaluation of the early access applied biosystems precision ID Globalfiler mixture ID and Globalfiler NGS STR panels for the ion S5 system
    Müller,P.; Alonso,A.; Barrio,P.A.; Berger,B.; Bodner,M.; Martin,P.; Parson,W.; DnaseqexConsortium;

  21. The biological relevance of a medieval king’s DNA
    Larmuseau,M.H.D.; Bodner,M.;

  22. Towards broadening Forensic DNA Phenotyping beyond pigmentation: Improving the prediction of head hair shape from DNA
    Pospiech,E.; Chen,Y.; Kukla-Bartoszek,M.; Breslin,K.; Aliferi,A.; Andersen,J.D.; Ballard,D.; Chaitanya,L.; Freire-Aradas,A.; vanderGaag,K.J.; Giron-Santamaria,L.; Gross,T.E.; Gysi,M.; Huber,G.; Mosquera-Miguel,A.; Muralidharan,C.; Skowron,M.; Carracedo,A.; Haas,C.; Morling,N.; Parson,W.; Phillips,C.; Schneider,P.M.; Sijen,T.; Syndercombe-Court,D.; Vennemann,M.; Wu,S.; Xu,S.; Jin,L.; Wang,S.; Zhu,G.; Martin,N.G.; Medland,S.E.; Branicki,W.; Walsh,S.; Liu,F.; Kayser,M.; E.UROFORGEN-NoEConsortium;

  23. Truncated isoform Vav3.1 is highly expressed in ovarian cancer stem cells and clinically relevant in predicting prognosis and platinum-response
    Reimer,D.; Boesch,M.; Wolf,D.; Marth,C.; Sopper,S.; Hatina,J.; Altevogt,P.; Parson,W.; Hackl,H.; Zeimet,A.G.;