Publications 1994

Publications 1994

  1. Cross sectional imaging and correlative cryosectioning in the shoulder and elbow by use of rotationcryotomy
    Klestil,T.; Kathrein,A.; Judmaier,W.; Lener,M.; Rabl,W.;

  2. Ethanol content of Kefir water
    Rabl,W.; Liniger,B.; Sutter,K.; Sigrist,T.;

  3. Optical characteristics of UV transmission of normal human epidermis
    Ambach,W.; Blumthaler,M.; Schöpf,T.; Ambach,E.; Rabl,W.; Zelger,B.; Hinter,H.;

  4. Pathoanatomical Findings in Spina Trauma - Serial Cryoxectioning compared with Conventional Imaging Techniques
    Kathrein,A.; Seykora,P.; Daniaux,H.; Klestil,T.; Rabl,W.;

  5. Schnittbilddiagnostik und korrelative Gefrierschnittuntersuchungen an Schulter und Ellenbogen mittels Rotationskryotomie (Poster)
    Kathrein,A.; Klestil,T.; Judmaier,W.; Rabl,W.;

  6. Serial Cryosectioning - A helpful Tool for Basic Sciences in the Spine
    Kathrein,A.; Seykora,P.; Daniaux,H.; Rabl,W.; Klestil,T.;

  7. Spectral transmission of the optical media of the human eye with respect to keratitis and cataract formation
    Ambach,W.; Blumthaler,M.; Schopf,T.; Ambach,E.; Katzgraber,F.; Daxecker,F.; Daxer,A.;

  8. Stress distribution in the trochlear notch. A model of bicentric load transmission through joints
    Eckstein,F.; Lohe,F.; Muller-Gerbl,M.; Steinlechner,M.; Putz,R.;

  9. Third-degree atrioventricular block in adult identical twins [letter]
    Antretter,H.; Dapunt,O.E.; Rabl,W.; Ambach,E.; Zehethofer,K.; Mair,P.; Wiedermann,C.J.;

  10. Ultrasono-anatomy for evaluation of the local lymphatic groups of the mamma
    Moriggl,B.; Steinlechner,M.;

  11. Äthanolgehalt des Wasser-Kefirs
    Rabl,W.; Liniger,B.; Sutter,K.; Sigrist,Th;