Publications 2009

Publications 2009

  1. “GenderPlex” a PCR multiplex for reliable gender determination of degraded human DNA samples and complex gender constellations
    Esteve,Codina A.; Niederstätter,H.; Parson,W.;

  2. An evaluation of the genetic-matched pair study design using genome-wide SNP data from the European population
    Lu,T.T.; Lao,O.; Nothnagel,M.; Junge,O.; Freitag-Wolf,S.; Caliebe,A.; Balascakova,M.; Bertranpetit,J.; Bindoff,L.A.; Comas,D.; Holmlund,G.; Kouvatsi,A.; Macek,M.; Mollet,I.; Nielsen,F.; Parson,W.; Palo,J.; Ploski,R.; Sajantila,A.; Tagliabracci,A.; Gether,U.; Werge,T.; Rivadeneira,F.; Hofman,A.; Uitterlinden,A.G.; Gieger,C.; Wichmann,H.E.; Ruether,A.; Schreiber,S.; Becker,C.; Nurnberg,P.; Nelson,M.R.; Kayser,M.; Krawczak,M.;

  3. Application of full mitochondrial genome sequencing using 454 GS FLX pyrosequencing
    Mikkelsen,M.; Rockenbauer,E.; Wächter,A.; Fend,F.; Zimmermann,B.; Parson,W.; Abel Nielsen,S.; Gilbert,T.; Willerslev,E.; Morling,N.;

  4. Applications of breath gas analysis in addiction medicine–preliminary results
    Giacomuzzi,S.M.; Riemer,Y.; Pavlic,M.; Schmid,A.; Hinterhuber,H.; Amann,A.;

  5. Bedeutung der mtDNA für forensische Fragestellungen

  6. CD28(-) CD8(+) T cells do not contain unique clonotypes and are therefore dispensable
    Weinberger,B.; Welzl,K.; Herndler-Brandstetter,D.; Parson,W.; Grubeck-Loebenstein,B.;

  7. Canine DNA Profiling in Forensic Casework: The Tail Wagging the Dog
    Berger,C.; Berger,B.; Parson,W.;

  8. Chromogranin peptides in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    Schrott-Fischer,A.; Bitsche,M.; Humpel,C.; Walcher,C.; Maier,H.; Jellinger,K.; Rabl,W.; Glueckert,R.; Marksteiner,J.;

  9. Fluorescent duplex allele-specific PCR and amplicon melting for rapid homogeneous mtDNA haplogroup H screening and sensitive mixture detection
    Niederstätter,H.; Parson,W.;

  10. Forensic and phylogeographic characterization of mtDNA lineages from northern Thailand (Chiang Mai)
    Zimmermann,B.; Bodner,M.; Amory,S; Fendt,L.; Röck,A.; Horst,D.; Horst,B; Sanguansermsri,T.; Parson,W.; Brandstätter,A.;

  11. Investigation of point heteroplasmy in the human mitochondrial DNA control region: a synthesis of observations from over 5000 global population samples
    Irwin,J.; Saunier,J.; Niederstätter,H.; Strouss,K.; Sturk,K.; Diegoli,T.; Brandstätter,A.; Parson,W.; Parsons,T.;

  12. Metabolic studies of tetrazepam based on electrochemical simulation in comparison to in vivo and in vitro methods
    Baumann,A.; Lohmann,W.; Schubert,B.; Oberacher,H.; Karst,U.;

  13. Mini-midi-mito: Adapting the amplification and sequencing strategy of mtDNA to the degradation state of crime scene samples
    Berger,C.; Parson,W.;

  14. Mitochondrial Haplogroup U5b3: A Distant Echo of the Epipaleolithic in Italy and the Legacy of the Early Sardinians
    Pala,M.; Achilli,A.; Olivieri,A.; Kashani,B.H.; Perego,U.A.; Sanna,D.; Metspalu,E.; Tambets,K.; Tamm,E.; Accetturo,M.; Carossa,V.; Lancioni,H.; Panara,F.; Zimmermann,B.; Huber,G.; Al-Zahery,N.; Brisighelli,F.; Woodward,S.R.; Francalacci,P.; Parson,W.; Salas,A.; Behar,D.M.; Villems,R.; Semino,O.; Bandelt,H.J.; Torroni,A.;

  15. Mystery solved: the identification of the two missing Romanov children using DNA analysis
    Coble,M.D.; Loreille,O.M.; Wadhams,M.J.; Edson,S.M.; Maynard,K.; Meyer,C.E.; Niederstätter,H.; Berger,C.; Berger,B.; Falsetti,A.B.; Gill,P.; Parson,W.; Finelli,L.N.;

  16. On the inter-instrument and inter-laboratory transferability of a tandem mass spectral reference library: 1. Results of an Austrian multicenter study
    Oberacher,H.; Pavlic,M.; Libiseller,K.; Schubert,B.; Sulyok,M.; Schuhmacher,R.; Csaszar,E.; Kofeler,H.C.;

  17. On the inter-instrument and the inter-laboratory transferability of a tandem mass spectral reference library: 2. Optimization and characterization of the search algorithm
    Oberacher,H.; Pavlic,M.; Libiseller,K.; Schubert,B.; Sulyok,M.; Schuhmacher,R.; Csaszar,E.; Kofeler,H.C.;

  18. On the use of ESI-QqTOF-MS/MS for the comparative sequencing of nucleic acids
    Oberacher,H.; Pitterl,F.;

  19. Polymorphisms of mtDNA control region in Tunisian and Moroccan populations: An enrichment of forensic mtDNA databases with Northern Africa data
    Turchi,C.; Buscemi,L.; Giacchino,E.; Onofri,V.; Fendt,L.; Parson,W.; Tagliabracci,A.;

  20. ReseqChip: Automated integration of multiple local context probe data from the MitoChip array in mitochondrial DNA sequence assembly
    Thieme,M.; Lottaz,C.; Niederstätter,H.; Parson,W.; Spang,R; Oefner,P.J.;

  21. Sequencing strategy for the whole mitochondrial genome resulting in high quality sequences
    Fendt,L.; Zimmermann,B.; Daniaux,M.; Parson,W.;

  22. Standards zu forensisch-molekulargenetischen Untersuchungen, Massenunfälle und Katastrophen
    Lessig,R.; Aspinall,L.; Krumm,P.; Wiegand,P.; Hohoff,C.; Steinlechner,M.; Roewer,L.; Edelmann,J.; Bastisch,I.;